A Life in Gold with Gold Emotion

Imagine! A life in gold! This is what Gold Emotion offers. This very innovative concept seduced me immediately. You know me, all that’s gold pleases me. I’ve always thought that gold is the plume of women. Money is fine, but it tarnishes with time, it gets old. Gold, though, is eternal, it is precious. It is mythology, the Egyptians, Versailles, the statues on Pont Alexandre III, the domes of Paris. In short, gold is beautiful. At Gold Emotion, the use of gold has become a way of life. You eat gold, you drink gold, you smoke gold and you smell gold. You have a golden life!

Yes, it’s eccentric! But how good, how beautiful! I received this perfume from home: “I Love Gold”. It’s been on my desk for a few days and when I lay eyes on it, I instinctively turn it, to spin its tiny gold leaves. They float slowly, as if there’s a breeze in their glass case, finally to settle gently on the bottom. It’s sublime, intoxicating. Like being in front of a fire, the golden slats capture our eyes and we’re lost for a moment in the midst of color that reflects the sun.
The fragrance itself is very pleasant. A flowery veil, powdered. A fragrance that we want to wear in nice weather, when the sun is at its zenith.

“A life of gold”

What I like about the use of gold is that it instantly gives value to an object, like a new positive energy. Gold Emotion proposes the customization, engraving, of gold objects. A way of making some of our objects eternal. An idea that greatly seduces me! And you? What do you think? Have you ever dreamed of keeping one of your objects for life?

By Delphine. Alchimie.paris