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24k Non-alcoholic Sparkling Juice


Exclusive non-alcoholic sparkling apple juice 100% natural with 0% alcohol With pure 24K gold flakes Delivered in luxury gift box Bottle 750ml

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Whoever said no alcohol would be no fun? Gold Emotion proves that you can be the master of ceremony as well as the life of the party with our non-alcoholic beverages. Made with 100% natural apple juice, you get 100% of the taste with 0% alcohol. What is more amazing is the pure 24-karat gold flakes that swirl around your sparkling juice drink or non-alcoholic gin that perfectly represents what a celebration should be like with the cheers, the revelry, and the elation. Created to suit the most discerning of tastes and include those who choose not to consume alcohol, we thoughtfully made a drink that would be as satisfying as the real thing yet considerably enjoyable to the palate. Get your bottle of Gold Emotion 24K Non-alcoholic Sparking Juice, raise a glass, and enjoy!