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Long Rays Citrus Tonic


A bright tonic infused with a double dose of citrus – because two is always better than one. Ruby grapefruit and a cheeky hint of blood orange make this fun-loving tonic impossible to put down.

This perfect citrus pairing is anything but subtle, making Citrus Tonic the hero of any cocktail, or your new go-to non-alc drink. There’s a love story behind our Citrus Tonic (click below for the back story) – but what you’re going to love most is its refreshing bitter-sweet kick.

Why you’ll love it
Ruby grapefruit is the fun one in the citrus world, and it shines even brighter with the rounded sweetness of blood orange. Mix with citrus gins, tequila, vodka and cocktails, and you’ll see why this citrus marriage is a match made in heaven.

Citrus Tonic is a surprise package. Don’t be fooled by its crystal-clear appearance… this bottle of liquid sunshine packs a zesty punch.

The refreshing vibrancy of ruby grapefruit is balanced by the rounded sweetness of blood orange – making this tonic a refreshing non-alc drink or a bright addition to citrus gins, tequila, vodka and cocktails


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