Gold Emotion is a unique concept with 24K gold. We offer a selection of exclusive products designed and made in France and Australia, specialising in premium alcohol. Our product range adds opulence to your everyday or creates an exceptional gift for all types of occasions, whether personal or corporate.

We know today that, more than a symbol, gold has medicinal properties. It has been used in medicine since the 15th century. Today it is widely used in cosmetics, food and beverage. Gold is good for your health and brings only benefits to your body. Yes,
there are health benefits of eating gold - or even drinking it!


Our uniquely crafted gins use a delicious combination of premium botanicals and edible 24K gold creating a timeless fresh infusion that will excite your tastebuds. The sparkling wines are made from the highly reputed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties from Burgundy and are produced by the traditional method (or méthode traditionelle) with an aging time of 24 months.

The freshness and fruitiness of these crémant's will bring mouth-watering flavours to your tasting. The dancing gold specs in the bottles gleam and delight the eye, transforming each tasting into a festive and magical moment. The creation of our incomparable blends gives you a unique experience that allows you to drink gold and taste the stars. Life should be celebrated!

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