Gold Emotion Australia was launched in September 2019, after founder and owner Ema Cregeen partnered with Gold Emotion in France and introduced the concept of their 24k gold products to Australia. JC Rousseau, the founder of Gold Emotion, has been creating these unique products and designs since 2005 and has produced exclusive bottles for many celebrities, realised the first car in the world entirely covered with gold leaf and developed unique techniques for gilding models, pools, private jets and even a Formula 1 car.

Following the creative steps of JC, Ema developed and launched the first Australian made product in November 2020. Pure Gold Gin was created and developed during the month’s long lockdown in Melbourne and is the start of an exciting 24k gold spirit range in Australia.  Her love for events, food and beverages paired with her passion for creative business has opened endless opportunities to grow this unique and exclusive concept with 24K gold in the Australian market. Ema has always been of the believe that life and its smallest moments should be celebrated to the fullest lived a little extra. This certainly can be seen in her passion for the company.

Gold Emotion Australia was founded based on the core principals being Quality & Integrity, Creativity and Uniqueness. Our products will always be of the highest quality and made with integrity. We use only high-quality ingredients and ensure our environmental impact is minimal. Creativity is crucial when operating in a highly competitive, global environment. It is what fuels big ideas and creates a stimulative environment that inspires and challenges everyone involved. Uniqueness is what motivates us to never stop creating. We pride ourselves in being the market leader in creating and producing our exclusive 24K gold products. Our know-how of engraving and gilding is unique in world.